Trustee Minutes


St. Paul’s United Methodist Church Minutes of Trustees Meeting January 2018

  1. The meeting came to order at 7:03 pm. In attendance were: Pastor Kee, Matt Gerdes, Arnold Oftedal, Pete Shutt, Tom Lewis, Skip Applegate, Cindy McLaughlin, and Celeste Leonard. Pastor Kee opened with prayer. Matt read a devotional.

  2. Approval of Minutes – Pete made a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting as amended, Tom seconded, all approved.

    1. SPARK Update – Arnie.

      1. No requests for repairs.

      2. Closet wall needs to be prepared in Pastor’s office.

      3. Stairs to office - will remove sheetrock to evaluate mold in corner. Pete will help

      4. Snowblower - rigged with bolt. He will put pin in on Friday

    2. Bauer Endowment –

      1. All funds received from CRUT and original $500k but some moving of money

      2. Setting up AXA accounts

      3. This year - using money for security system and roof. $9800 left for 2018

      4. ~$700k left from the two. ~$460 original roof money and ending balance.

        ~$48k CRUT actually was $51k. Celeste will update with final amount

    3. Roof update – need to paint the steeple and needs shingles. Need estimate from


    4. Trustees Training Manual – files received for use of building, updated fees for

      building, weddings, marriages, Approved Vendors- need to be reviewed. Matt gave everyone documents (Policy for Use; Wedding Info Packet) to be reviewed and to discuss at Feb meeting

    5. Old garbage Cans - Matt will take care of cans

    6. Security system

      1. Matt received 2 quotes and third vendor came to inspect today.

      2. Both quotes for camera, door, lock with buzzer, and DVR ~$7k

      3. Linda needs to monitor people who are here. There is debate on how much she should let happen (ie, should she not let strangers in when she is here alone)

      4. Conference does not require open hours.

    7. Plaque for Memorial Ashes – Pete. As of now, there are 7 names to be added to

      plaque. Bronze plaque. Pete getting estimate from Awards

    8. Hearing Aid for Congregation – Tom. no update

    9. Corporate Amendment – Matt spoke to attorney that was recommended by UM

      Greater Conference. Attorney stated that documents are fine. Pastor is ok as

      registered agent - it just means that he is the contact person.

    10. Cross and Sign Refinished – Tom. Will started varnishing in spring

    11. Vacuum - Erin purchased already

    12. Finance computer - Ann donated computer. Tom to finish setting it up

    13. NIB update - storage. No update

n. Wish list - security surveillance cameras, steps re-done, new windows, appraisal of building and parsonage, update stage to meeting area and add closets, fire escape painted, parsonage bathrooms re-done, additional speaker for sanctuary, monitor for back of church for people in Fellowship Hall

III. New Business

  1. Tuning organ - Bruce is covering cost in memory of June

  2. Pastor’s office closet repair - see Spark

  3. Patch in hallway to go upstairs

  4. Pastor needs access to outside sign - key available

  5. Arnie wants to open discussion regarding window replacement

  6. Wreath needs to be put away

  7. Should doors be locked during service?

i. Pastor Kee went to a safety seminar. Recommendation from law enforcement is to keep doors locked during service. Debate regarding who will be responsible for vetting late comers (ushers?). Motioned to vote if doors should stay open. 3:2:1 abstained (Cindy). Doors will remain unlocked during service.

  1. Pete motioned to adjourn. Arnie seconded.

  2. Pastor Kee closed with prayer. Meeting adjourned at ? pm.

Respectively submitted by Cynthia McLaughlin