Trustee Minutes


St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

Minutes of Trustees Meeting February 2018


  1. The meeting came to order at 7:09 pm.  In attendance were: Matt Gerdes, Arnold Oftedal, Tom Lewis, Skip Applegate, Cindy McLaughlin, Rich Scraggs, and Mark Connelly.  Matt read a devotional.

  2. Approval of Minutes – Pete made a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting as amended, Rich seconded, all approved.

    1. SPARK Update – Arnie.  

      1. Upstairs hall is done.  Needs to be painted

      2. Closet wall in Pastor’s office is done.  

      3. Snowblower - repair is done.  Shear pins are on wall by garage doors

    2. Bauer Endowment – Matt

      1. Matt is getting statements from AXA.  Not all money is not in yet. Depositing over time.

      2. Celeste, Matt and Church to get monthly statements.  It was suggested that Celeste can present monthly summaries

    3. Roof update –  need to paint the steeple and needs shingles.  Scaffolding and cleats to remain until project is done

    4. Trustees Training Manual –

      1. files received for use of building, updated fees for building, weddings, marriages, Approved Vendors- need to be reviewed.  Matt gave everyone documents (Policy for Use; Wedding Info Packet) to be reviewed and to discuss at March meeting

      2. Pastor will ask other churches what they charge

      3. Final list of vendors with contact info will be given to Skip

      4. Matt will share Google Drive for everyone to have access to vendor list and Training Manual

      5. Arnie proposed that members pay no building use fees (utilities…) but still pay honorariums

    5. Security system

      1. Matt provided quotes and comparisons of the three vendors

      2. Need more information

        1. How long do the DVR recordings last before rewrites?  Maybe we need to upgrade to increased TB to have at least 1 weeks worth of recording before it rewrites

        2. Info on warranties and maintenance plans

        3. Does DVS Tech include 2 way communicating video screen or speaker

        4. Need the door cost for Supreme Security

      3. Will vote at March meeting on vendor

    6. Plaque for Memorial Ashes – Pete.  no update

    7. Hearing Aid for Congregation – Tom.  no update

    8. Cross and Sign Refinished – Tom.  no update

    9. Wish list - security surveillance cameras, steps re-done, new windows, update stage to meeting area and add closets, fire escape painted, parsonage bathrooms re-do, additional speaker for sanctuary, monitor for back of church for people in Fellowship Hall, speaker rearrangement, move sound board to sanctuary

III. New Business

  1. Roof leaders outside need to be replaced/reinstalled.  Arnie - extension pieces are broken. This will be a SPARK project

  2. Outdoor lights issue/timers.  Skip - says timers still there.  Need to check timers - maybe need to be reset due to recent power outage.  Bells are also off time

  3. Church safety (active shooter) meeting at St. Peters 2/21/18 @ 7 pm and also at Monday Council meeting

  4. Rich asked for attic cleanup because of dust from roofing.  Should be Trustee obligation, not SPARK

  5. Sound board.  Rich is training Andrew on operation of sound board.  Need an IPAD for church to use. 2 apps to work front and back separately by 2 different people.  Sound board should be in sanctuary (added to wish list)

  6. Thermostat - high bill.  Arnie - people may be forgetting to turn it back down.  Possible solutions - programmable thermostat, WIFI compatible thermostat

  7. Rich - Council requests to have minutes posted online.  Ok to do

IV.  Arnie motioned to adjourn.  Rich seconded.

  1. Matt closed with prayer.  Meeting adjourned at 8:32 pm.

Respectively submitted by Cynthia McLaughlin