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Welcome to St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Bay Head! 

Are you interested in taking a trip to the Holy Land? This Sunday, Joan Jacobson will take and guide us to the Holy Land sharing her unforgettable trip this past summer. Joan who has full knowledge of the Bible leads and facilitates the Monday morning Bible Study at St. Paul's Church. The Bible study group members are happy and proud to journey with her. Traveling to the Holy Land is an amazing experience that will bless you with precious memories. This marvelous experience will happen this Sunday in both services. You are welcome to join us to take this awesome opportunity to travel to the Holy Land with her.  

St. Paul’s is a part of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Our purpose statement is to “Make Disciples of Jesus Christ,” and since 1904 we have been about that task here in Bay Head.  During the summer, all are welcome to attend our Sunday Morning Services with Beach Service at 8am and a Traditional Service at 10am during the summer, and after Labor Day with a Family Contemporary Service, with Sunday School, at 9:00am and a Traditional Service at 11:00am.