Welcome to St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Bay Head!

    Are you a scout? Are you a family member of scout? We will celebrate this Sunday, February 7th, "Scout Sunday" with many scouts and their families at St.Paul's. Our Lay Leader, Rich Scraggs, who is a Scout Master, will preach the Word of God this Sunday morning with a title, "Be Prepared: A Motto for Us All" based on the scriptures, Matthew 13:1-9 and Revelation 3:20. You are welcome to join us this Sunday. 

    Are you looking for a church where you want to experience God's love and grace? Are you interested in having an opportunity to meet people who have experienced God's love and grace? It is St. Paul's Church. We are ready to share our stories with you about Jesus Christ. Come and join our Family Worship at 9 AM and Traditional Worship at 11 AM. You will experience the gifts of the Holy Spirit at St. Paul's.  

St. Paul’s is a part of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Our purpose statement is to “Make Disciples of Jesus Christ,” and since 1904 we have been about that task here in Bay Head.  During the summer, all are welcome to attend our Sunday Morning Services with Beach Service at 8am and a Traditional Service at 10am during the summer, and after Labor Day with a Family Contemporary Service, with Sunday School, at 9:00am and a Traditional Service at 11:00am.